Our new browser based regulatory library is here—the most advanced airworthiness system available.
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AD searches are a breeze and your record keeping just got much easier

From single user to company wide, this advanced library is perfect for IAs, schools and maintenance facilities of any size. Tdata IA7 covers small and corporate aircraft and all rotorcraft and is updated daily. Includes ADs, TCDS, FARs, Proposed FARs, ACs, STCs, SAIBs, Service Information, Electronic FAA forms.

See the 8 minute introduction video:

  • Exclusive make-model feature makes it easy

    Just enter a few characters of the model number. No need to chase TC holders anymore.

    You can even modify the make and model name in the IA7 equipment list so that they appear on your reports the way you like them.

  • Attach files and photos for truly complete records

    Attach before and after photos, logbook entries, FAA forms or just about anything for complete records.

  • Browser based with cloud-based file saving

    Save and recall your work files from the Tdata cloud including documents, photos and forms from any current browser on Mac, PC or Tablet. You’ll log into your account accessing current airworthiness information specific to your needs.

  • Updated daily by Tdata

    You no longer have to worry about downloading your updates or waiting for DVDs as Tdata has taken care of everything. When you log in, they will be current every day.

Super easy Airworthiness Directives search and reporting

The video below will show you a few of the great features available to you as you build your work files.

Creating and managing FAA forms

Type directly onto your forms! Select the forms you want to create or open an existing form to edit, save, download or print. All of your forms are stored on the IA7 server. Easily filter and search your forms by name, form type or date range.

IA7 even includes Logbook entries, Purchase orders and weight & balance forms. It's never been easier! Take a look:

Common IA7 Questions

Why should I choose IA7 over IApproach with Internet Delivery or AVANT with Desktop Delivery?

Choose what works best for you. IA7 is completely browser and cloud based and works on all operating systems. We provide updates regularly. You can create PDFs, download or print documentation, and your workfiles are safely saved to our cloud. IA7 can grow with your company. You can purchase the number of user accounts to meet your needs and manage your users and settings from your IA7 admin portal. IApproach Pro with Internet Delivery starts with a software installation on your PC (this version not available for Mac) and at ... Read More

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