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Desktop Delivery Products

We offer Desktop Delivery for the software products below:

How it works: You’ll download and install one application that gives you access to a virtual private desktop. We will provide you with login credentials. Once signed-in to the network, you will be running the same software that we deliver on DVD. Desktop Delivery works for Macs, PCs and Tablets.
AVANT AD Libraries with Desktop Delivery
Biweekly updates for your choices of small, large or complete aircraft information. Starting at:
$750 / year
Internet connection required
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IApproach Pro with Desktop Delivery
Sign on to this software from any Mac, PC or tablet via a Tdata remote desktop connection.
$695 / year
Internet connection required
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Lycoming® Manuals with Desktop Delivery
Desktop delivery of our most popular engine libraries, 4/6-cylinder, or the Lycoming Complete (which includes 4, 6 and 8-cylinder, and Helicopter engines). Starting at $786.50 per year.
$749 / year
Internet connection required
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