Complete IA Library of regulatory information for small aircraft, helicopters and corporate jets.
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Intuitive searching of FAA data, comprehensive visual reports and much more

Every IApproach subscription includes ADs, TCDS, FARs, Proposed FARs, ACs, STCs, Airworthiness
Alerts, Service Information and Electronic FAA forms.

All Tdata subscriptions meet or exceed FAA/IA requirements.

Most popular IApproach Subscriptions

IApproach Apprentice
Biweekly updates delivered on DVD *without ability to save work files*
$395 / year
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  • Contains ADs, TCDS, FARs, Proposed FARs, ACs, STCs, Airworthiness Alerts, Service Information
  • Choice of updates delivery method by DVD or Internet
  • Meets IA requirements
  • Small and corporate aircraft
  • 400 Aircraft Templates
  • 45 FAA Forms
  • 85 ACs
IApproach Pro OnDemand
Updates on DVD, 4 times per year as requested
$349 / year
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  • Everything in IApproach Apprentice
  • Save your work files and compliance reports
  • Delivered 4 times per year as requested
  • Exceeds IA requirements
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IApproach Pro
Choose DVD or internet delivery of updates on a biweekly or monthly basis, starting at:
$495 / year
Multi-year discounts!
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  • Everything in IApproach Pro OnDemand
  • Choice of DVD or internet delivery of updates
  • Choice of biweekly or monthly deliveries
  • Multi-year discounts
  • Priority support
  • FAA Paper AD Summary
IApproach Pro with Desktop Delivery
Sign on to this software from any Mac, PC or tablet via a Tdata remote desktop connection.
$695 / year
Internet connection required
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  • Everything in IApproach Pro
  • You’ll log into a remote server with a username and password using your Mac, PC or Tablet.
  • Workfiles are saved on our servers, accessible through your remote desktop connection.
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IApproach Basic
Monthly updates for small aircraft only starting at:
$349 / year
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  • Contains ADs, TCDS, FARs, Proposed FARs, ACs, STCs, Airworthiness Alerts, Service Information
  • Updates delivery method by DVD
  • Meets IA requirements
  • Save and recall your work files
  • Small aircraft only
  • 45 FAA Forms
IApproach Network
This network version allows for centralized updates and multiple user access over your LAN or WAN. Starting at:
$795 / year
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  • Everything in IApproach Pro
  • Supports multiple users over your network
  • IApproach PRO has over 400 Aircraft Templates

    Our templates are preformatted but offer the flexibility to be modified for your individual aircraft.

  • Comprehensive report builder

    Choose from six different reports or create your own. Organize by your favorite sorting order and type. Report on all, or only the sections of your aircraft you need.

  • Intuitive

    Streamline regulatory maintenance with immediate access to ADs, Profiles, FAA forms, Service Bulletins and more. Always easy access to your saved workflles to quickly get started about your day.

  • Search ADs by model

    Even if you don’t know the current manufacturer you can search by even a partial model number.

  • Alerts to new ADs and changes

    When you open your saved workfile, you are immediately alerted of changes posted that affect your aircraft. View individual ADs or choose to print.

Common IApproach™ Questions

AVANT and IApproach programs – What is the difference?

The primary difference is the AVANT program includes small and large aircraft. The IApproach program includes small and popular corporate aircraft. In addition, the AVANT has extended capabilities in the FAA forms section and the AD compliance editor. AVANT is also PDF based and uses more point and click navigation.

Can I run IApproach on the Mac?

IApproach is a Windows program. There is no Mac version available, however it is still possible to run IApproach on the Mac. 1). Please consider our IA7 web based product which is better suited for Safari on Mac and iPad. 2). You can upgrade to Desktop Delivery instead of DVDs How Desktop Delivery works for Macs, PCs and Tablets: You’ll download and install one application from anywhere with an internet connection. We will provide you with login credentials. Once signed-in, you will be running the same software that we deliver ... Read More

How do you recommend using IApproach software for researching appliances?

The easiest way is to refer to the aircraft and its records then open IApproach’s Appliances tab to identify the particular appliance’s ADs. However, many aircrafts’ records are incomplete. IApproach provides an Appliance Worksheet. This worksheet assists the mechanic in efficiently identifying installed appliances and their associated ADs.

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