Why should I choose IA7 over IApproach with Internet Delivery or AVANT with Desktop Delivery?

Choose what works best for you.

  • IA7 is completely browser and cloud based and works on all operating systems. We provide updates regularly. You can create PDFs, download or print documentation, and your workfiles are safely saved to our cloud.
  • IA7 can grow with your company. You can purchase the number of user accounts to meet your needs and manage your users and settings from your IA7 admin portal.
  • IApproach Pro with Internet Delivery starts with a software installation on your PC (this version not available for Mac) and at the schedule you choose, you’ll perform updates that are downloaded over your internet connection, saved on your computer.
  • IApproach or AVANT with Desktop Delivery starts with a software installation and you’ll log into our remote server with a username and password. You’ll be using your Mac, PC or Tablet to do your regulatory research. Workfiles are saved on our servers, accessible through your remote desktop connection.