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Parts and supply inventory tracking developed specifically for aviation professionals.
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Don’t just “make-do” with general inventory applications

With iTrax, you’ll track inventory items including serialized and life-limited consumables and specify the condition of serialized parts to ensure they are utilized in the best order for your operation.

iTrax allows you to review trends regarding which parts are used more in certain months or during specific cyclical seasons. Then use this data to plan for growth and order inventory intelligently to best utilize cash flow resources.

Most popular iTrax Subscriptions

Know your inventory
Aviation-specific inventory tracking software. Starting at:
Includes 1 year of upgrades and support
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  • Track an unlimited number of inventory items and parts
  • Export reports to Microsoft Excel® or Adobe PDF®
  • Track serialized parts and maintain parts conditions
  • Track hours and cycles for serialized parts
  • Create customizable part detail items (Facilities, ATA codes, Assignments, Custom fields etc).
  • Create custom fields and use barcoding to increase efficiency
  • Easy commitment of inventory items - To better fit the way you work, parts can be committed before they even leave your stock
  • Part Costing and Pricing - Instantly determine the value of your inventory by using the Inventory Valuation Report.
  • KwikAdjust™ - With Tdata's KwikAdjust feature, you can quickly change both in-stock and committed part quantities from the main screen. You don't have to drill down to individual part detail
Additional iTrax Licenses
Add as many user seat licenses as you need for your growing operation.
$299 / year
Please note that add-ons must have an accompanying iTrax license, or previously purchased license that is still current.
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  • Each additional license comes with the same support and upgrades as your main license.
Extended iTrax Support
Extends your iTrax software for another year of software technical support and upgrades (after your first year).
$299 / year
Your purchase of Extended Support covers all of your licenses for one low price per year.
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  • Continue to receiving upgrades and technical support from staff IAs and other professionals
  • Covers all your licenses for one low price per year
  • Serialized parts

    You no longer have to live with generic spreadsheets. Track and run reports on serialized parts, useful for identifying problems or trends, or reporting back to manufacturers.

  • Custom fields

    Create your own custom fields for efficiency. iTrax provides two additional levels for detail as desired. In this view, this part requires a special tool and specialized storage.

  • KwikAdjust™

    With Tdata’s KwikAdjust™ feature, you can quickly change both in-stock and committed part quantities from the main screen. You don’t have to drill down to individual part detail to adjust numbers, you simply right click for Kwik and adjust the numbers.

  • Parts disposal

    iTrax provides an efficient method for accounting of unsalvageable/unairworthy parts. Disposition methods, date, part information and other pertinent information allow for positive tracking of disposed parts.

Common iTrax™ Questions

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