Can I run IApproach on the Mac?

IApproach is a Windows program. There is no Mac version available, however it is still possible to run IApproach on the Mac.

1). Please consider our IA7 web based product which is better suited for Safari on Mac and iPad.

2). You can upgrade to Desktop Delivery instead of DVDs

How Desktop Delivery works for Macs, PCs and Tablets:

You’ll download and install one application from anywhere with an internet connection. We will provide you with login credentials. Once signed-in, you will be running the same software that we deliver on DVD

3). Other Tdata customers have used Parallels software to run their Windows programs on Macs. Try these links for more information:

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Here is a link to some information and quick videos that show you how it works.


Our DVD product is very popular, especially in rural areas or locations without an internet connection. For this reason, we have no plans to eliminate our traditional DVD software options.

We are planning to offer this in the future, however at this time we do not offer this service. If you need any help during your setup, our representatives are available M–F from 8am to 6pm EST.

Yes! Just contact us and we will give you credit for the remainder of your DVD subscription towards an upgrade to IA7.

Choose what works best for you.

The easiest way is to refer to the aircraft and its records then open IApproach’s Appliances tab to identify the particular appliance’s ADs. However, many aircrafts’ records are incomplete. IApproach provides an Appliance Worksheet. This worksheet assists the mechanic in efficiently identifying installed appliances and their associated ADs.

Yes.  The best way to search is to use the ‘Find by Model’ button (in the ADs section) and enter the desired aircraft model number. Once you have found the desired model and the AD search results are loaded, click on the TCDS button and the current Type Certificate will appear in a popup window. The Type Certificate will show the current TC holder.

No. Our Lycoming subscriptions contain Overhaul manuals and many special publications that are not available on the Lycoming website.

The Lycoming Engine Manual subscription includes all currently published Lycoming service information.

Yes. AVANT is available for the Mac, PC and even some large screen tablets using Tdata’s Desktop Delivery option. This option also enables access anywhere there is a computer and Internet connection.

How Desktop Delivery works for Macs, PCs and Tablets:
You’ll download and install one application. We will provide you with login credentials. Once signed-in, you will be running the same software to which our PC users have been accustomed.

Your printers will automatically be supported and available when you want to print from AVANT.

Already a Tdata customer using AVANT? We can also take care of uploading your existing workfiles and forms from your computer to make the transition to Desktop Delivery super easy.