Support: IApproach – When printing an FAA form, all of the checkboxes are checked (for example 337 in Block 4).

A).  This can occur if you do not have Adobe Reader installed or Adobe Reader is not set as the default for viewing PDF files.

Many new computers come with Microsoft Reader and no Adobe Reader. Also, older computers sometimes inadvertently download a third party PDF Reader that “overpowers” Adobe Reader and becomes your new default PDF reader.

1). Check your list of programs. If you do not have Adobe Reader, go to and download the latest free version. It should become the default automatically. You can confirm this by following the instructions below.

2). If you have Adobe Reader and want it to be the default program for PDF files, find a PDF document and right-click on it.

3). Select “Open with” and choose Adobe Reader. Be sure the checkbox labeled, “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” has a checkmark in it. This will set Adobe Reader as your default for PDF documents.

4). If you need help with this procedure, please call Tdata support at 614.885.1169 or contact us