Support: IApproach – I am having a lot of error messages which cause the program to close or my computer to lock up.

A).  The most common causes include:

1). A dirty or defective DVD drive

2). Scratched, defective or dirty DVD media

3). An outdated DVD drive (manufactured around 1997 or before)

Even if your drive can read other DVDs without problems, please remember that Tdata’s DVD contains a lot of data and therefore your DVD drive must be able to read to the outer portion of the media. One of the following will fix the problem.

4). Obtain a DVD cleaning kit (available at your local computer store for about $10) and clean your DVD drive. Your drive contains sensitive optics and cleaning it will remove dust which can cause problems or degrade your drive’s performance.

5). Examine the back side of the DVD media for scratches or smudges. If the media is dirty, try cleaning it with a soft cotton cloth.

6). Try a previous issue of the Tdata DVD and see if you have similar problems. If so, this may indicate that there are problems with your DVD drive.

7). Try the media in another computer (if available) and see if you can look at the contents using Windows explorer (you do not have to install IApproach to examine the disc this way).

8). If you feel that the DVD media is defective, please call us to obtain a replacement.  614.885.1169 or contact us.

9). Replace your DVD drive with a new one.