Support: IApproach – Can I install IApproach under ‘limited’ or other non-administrator user accounts? How about multiple user accounts on the same work station?

Yes but you need to install according to the steps below. These steps require advanced knowledge of the operating system.

Preferred method:
1.) Log in as administrator and install with the 6.e DVD.
2.) After the installer is finished, run IApproach.
3.) When the main menu appears, open each section of IApproach and size each screen to the users preference. Opening each section ensures that the registry entries are created under HKCU\Software\tdata corporation
4.) Open regedit and export HKCU\Software\tdata corporation to a common folder on the hard drive or network.
5.) Expand HKLM and right click on ‘Software’ then permissions. Select the user or group and make sure that permissions are set to ‘full control’.

Completing the installation as a limited user:

6.) Log off and/or change to the target user account. Use regedit or an equivalent method to import the .reg file from the common folder in step 5.
7.) You can now run IApproach from the limited user account.
* Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each user account as required.

Alternate method:
1.) Log into your computer as user with local Administrator rights.
2.) Click on ‘Start’ then ‘Control Panel’
3.) Switch Control Panel to classic view by clicking on “switch to classic view” in the upper left of the control panel.
4.) Double Click on ‘User Accounts’.
5.) Click on ‘Change Account’ and change the account type to Computer Administrator.
6.) Log on as the Limited user.
7.) Install IApproach 6.e from the DVD.
8.) Restart your computer.
9.) Repeat 1 – 4 then change the account type back to Limited.
10.) Log on as the Limited user and run IApproach.