Support: IApproach – ERROR: “data source name not found and no default driver specified” or similar message”

The most common causes for this problem are:

1). Win95/98 – Microsoft MDAC was not completely installed before installing IApproach.

2). Reboot your PC and then Reinstall IApproach.

3). Your password is printed on face of the DVD.

4). You are running Windows 95 and have never installed Microsoft DCOM. If this is the case or you are not sure if you have DCOM,  reinstall IApproach.

5). Windows 2000 or XP – Your system may be missing the ODBC Microsoft Access drivers so IApproach is unable to create a data source. You can check this by clicking on ‘Start’->’Control panel’-> Administrative tools’ then ‘Data sources’. Click on the ‘Drivers’ tab and look for ‘Microsoft Access Driver (MDB)’ in the list. If this entry does not exist, you should call or email us for further assistance.