AVANT I can’t find a Manufacturer or Model in AD Search List

Problem: You are searching for a current Airframe, Engine, Propeller, or Appliance but it’s not located on the AD Search screen.

Note: Check to ensure you are using the current bi-weekly update for the most valid information.

If you are using the current bi-weekly update, other reasons may exist if the manufacturer or part cannot be
found on the AD Search screen.

Solution: Try doing a text search for a known AD which applies to the model or a text search by model number. View one of the resulting ADs from several years back, look at the first page (summary page) and you can see which manufacturer and model(s) we have filed it under. You can then use this information to perform an AD search.

Search Under the current Manufacturer (TC holder):

Piper is now known as New Piper.

MDHC (McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Corporation) Airframes are now split between MDHC, Schweizer, and AG Cat Corp.

If the information you are looking for cannot be located under one manufacturer, try searching under another.

AD Not Listed:
There may not be an AD for the part, engine, or model you are searching for. Please call us if you need assistance.