Support: AVANT Error Message – An Abnormal Error Has Occurred

Problem: Error message “an abnormal error has occurred running this program – invalid procedure call or argument” received when using the AD program. This error message is an indication that there are corrupt files preventing the program from running properly.

Resolution # 1:
1. Back up the Forms and Reports folders located in the Avantext folder.
2. Uninstall the AVANT program using the Add/Remove Programs utility under Control Panel.
3. Reinstall the AVANT program from the current bi-weekly disc.
4. Copy the Forms and Reports folders back into the Avantext folder (overwriting the existing folders).
If the error continues to appear after resolution # 1, see resolution # 2.

Resolution # 2:
There may be a problem with the bi-weekly disc used to install the program. Contact Tdata Customer Support
for a reship of the disc.