Support: IApproach – When printing or previewing a 337 form, the text runs over the border on the right in Block 8.

This issue can be caused by one of two situations:

1). Your Screen Resolution DPI setting is too high or you have an outdated, incomplete or corrupted installation, or multiple versions of the Adobe Acrobat® Reader.

2). First, check your DPI setting by going into ‘Control Panel’, then ‘Display’. Select the ‘Settings’ tab and then click on the ‘Advanced’ button. If your DPI is set to anything higher than Normal size (96 DPI) use the pulldown arrow to select 96 DPI then click the ‘Apply’ button.

3). You may have to restart your computer for this setting to take effect.

4). If your DPI setting is at 96 DPI or smaller and the problem still exists, you will need to uninstall Acrobat Reader, reboot your computer and then install the latest version of Acrobat Reader® (available free from Adobe)

5). To uninstall Acrobat Reader®, click on ‘Start’ then ‘Control Panel’ then ‘Add or Remove Programs’. If you have more than one version, remove all versions of Acrobat Reader® then reboot your computer.
Download and install the latest version of Acrobat Reader®

6). If you need help with this procedure, please contact Tdata support.